About Fraser Island

World Heritage listed Fraser Island is a unique natural environment that has developed over 800,000 years. It is the largest sand island in the world and one of the rare places where rainforest grows on sand.

The island offers a vast amount to enjoy and explore, from crystal blue lakes to green, mossy forests. Enjoy the abundant native flora and fauna by taking a walk amongst the beautiful and majestic eucalypts, blooming banksia and coastal pandanus, while watching out for the large variety of birds and mammals.

Located in Happy Valley township on the central eastern coast of the island, Fraser Island Retreat provides the perfect base for exploring all the island has on offer. For more information about Fraser Island Retreat’s Cabin Accommodation or Facilities, please Contact Us or Book Now!.

What to see on Fraser Island

As well as the long stretches of pristine beach North from Fraser Island Retreat which are perfect for sun bathing, beach sports and fishing, the island also provides many unique sights, some of which we’ve listed below:

South from Fraser Island Retreat:

Central Station

Originally established as a forestry township, Central Station is a beautiful rainforest area with a short boardwalk that follows Wanggoolba Creek.

Lake McKenzie

One of the island’s best-known freshwater lakes. Lake McKenzie’s crystal clear water, white sandy shores and beautiful blue hue make it a number one spot to visit on Fraser Island. Enjoy a refreshing swim and make use of the facilities nearby.

Lake Wabby

Surrounded by a massive sand-blow, Lake Wabby is the deepest of the island’s lakes. It is accessible from the beach between Happy Valley and Eurong. Enjoy a walk through the forest before taking a swim.

North from Fraser Island Retreat:

Eli Creek

The largest freshwater creek along the east coast which deposits over four million litres of water into the ocean every hour. This cool, clean creek is the ideal spot to relax on a sunny day.

‘Maheno’ Wreck

Once an impressive vessel, ‘Meheno’ now lies buried in sand just north of Eli Creek.

The Cathedrals

Towering cliffs of multi-coloured sands sculptured by the wind.

Lake Allom

A small, attractive lake with a forest backdrop and special inhabitants — tortoises.

The Champagne Pools at Middle Rocks

Just north of Indian Head, these beautiful rock pools fill with bubbling seawater and at low tide these pools become excellent swimming holes.

The team at Fraser Island Retreat offer a wide variety of knowledge and experience when it comes to exploring the island. Please Contact Us to find out more about your Fraser Island holiday today or Book Now to secure your Fraser Island getaway.